Buisness studies revision guide! :)

to help you understand :

-spotting a buisness oppurtunity

-showing enterprise

-putting a buisness idea into place

-making the start-up effect

-and understanding the economic context!! :)

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which of the following are key features of enterprise?

select TWO answers:

a) emploting at least one worker

b) having the right qualifications to run a buisness

c) being prepared to take risks

d) having a willingness to take new ventures

e) register as a private limited company

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which one of the following is an example of primary market research?

select ONE answer:

a) goverment statistics

b) newspaper articles

c) survey of customers

d) internet research

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identify TWO possible disadvatages of operating a buisness as a francise.

select TWO answers:

a) the cost of the intitial investment can be high

b) franchises have to take out a patent

c)Franchises have to pay higher rate of valu added tax (VAT)

d) a lack of freedom for the owner in making decisions.

e) it can help and advice from the franchise owner

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match the definition and the term!

1) a diagram that is used to record words and ideas connected to a central word or idea.

2)the legal ownership of materials such as book, music and films which prevents these being copied by others.

3) a person who owns and runs their own buisness takes risks.




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