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  • Set in an alternate universe in which the Crosses (people with dark skin) rule over the Noughts (people with light skin), Noughts and Crosses, the first book in the series of the same name, follows Sephy (a cross) and Callum (a nought).
    • Noughts and Crosses revision for essay
      • In this alternate universe, it is forbidden for Crosses and Noughts to engage in a relationship with each other.
        • Nevertheless, Sephy - the daughter of a wealthy senior politician - and Callum, a high-achieving nought who is allowed to attend a school meant only for Crosses.
      • Almost immediately after Sephy helps Callum with the entrance exams for the aforementioned school, she begins to develop an interest in him.
        • She routinely ignores the social norms (for example, she sat at a table with noughts even though it was heavily frowned upon) and begins to have in-depth conversations with Callum.
      • Meanwhile, Callum's family begins to crumble.
        • Some of his brothers join a paramilitary group; his older sister commits suicide.
          • is brothers also bomb a mall and Callum is accused of conspiring to blow the mall up.
            • He is let go because there is no evidence to suggest that he participated in the bombing, though.
      • After some time, the two rekindle a long-dormant relationship, which ultimately results in Sephy becoming pregnant with Callum's child.
        • Because of this, Callum is hanged.


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