how drama and tension is created in Noughts and Crosses.

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  • how drama and tension is created in noughts and crosses
    • suspense
      • "I ran out of the house leaving the door wide open as I raced for the shopping centre" chapter
    • narrative tension
      • 'Callum don't look at me like that.I didn't mean you.I'd never mean you.It was just for the others, to get them to stop, to get them to help.I didn't mean you...
    • showing the characters emotion
      • "Sephy, if you'd slapped me punched me or even stabbed me, sooner or later it would've stopped hurting."
    • impending danger
      • 'What should I do?Inside I was beginning to panic.
    • conflict
      • for example the pauses in Callum and Sephy's relationship and the arguments they have due to things that are going on around them.
    • love
      • for example the love between Callum and Sephy and how their love keeps on pausing and resuming.
    • anxiety
      • a character feeling worried about a member of their family
        • for example callum feeling worried for his dad because he signed a confession to 7 murders and could get a death sentence
    • actions
      • how the characters react to what is happening and whet they do because of it.


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