North and South

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  • North and South
    • Class
      • Different classes- compare Mr Thornton to the Hales and the Higgins' (who are of lower social status- a union representative and his daughter)
    • Work
      • Mr Hale is a dessenter of the church
      • Nicholas Higgins is a union representative and factory worker (as is his daughter)
      • Mr Thornton is a rich factory owner
    • Love
      • Relationship between Mr Thornton and Mageret- he loves her but she doesn't reciprocate until the end
      • Mr Hale loves his family and wants whats best for them
      • Nicholas Higgins' love for his daughter
    • Death
      • The death of Margerets mother- the effects of moving to the city
      • Betsy death- the pollution in the factories is not monitored
      • Bouchers suicide- escape from tough work and poverty
    • Capitalism
      • Factory owners make the money but pay their staff minimal wages (reason for the strikes). Also health and safety is not monitored- illness caused and pollution (Mrs Hales death
    • Gender
      • Margeret seen as inferior to Mr Thornton
    • Family
      • The Hales standing by Mr Hale dissenting and Frederick who is a deserter


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