Science// Renewable Energy

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  • Non-Renewable Energy resources
    • Coal (Fossil Fuels)
      • Formed from fossilised plants and consisting of carbon with various organic and some  inorganic compounds. Mined from seams of coal, found sandwiched between layers of rock in earth. Burnt to provide heat or electricity.
        • Advantages - Ready made fuel, It is relatively cheap to mine and to produce convert into energy, coal supplies will last longer than oil or gas
        • Disadvantages - When burned coal off atmospheric pollutants, including greenhouse gases
    • Oil (Fossil Fuels)
      • A carbon based liquid formed from fossilised animals. Lakes of oil are sandwich between seams of rock in the earth. Pipes are sunk down to the reservoirs to pump the oil out. Widely used in industry and transport
        • Advantages - Oil is a ready made fuel, relatively cheap to extract and to convert energy
        • Disadvantages - When burned it gives off atmospheric pollutants including greenhouse gases, only a limited supply
    • Natural Gases (Fossil Fuels)
      • Methane  and some gases trapped between seams of rocks under the earth's surface. Pipes are sunk into the ground to release the gas. Often used in houses for heating and cooking
        • Advantages - Gas is a ready made fuel, It is a relatively cheap form of energy, It's a slightly cleaner fuel than coal and oil
    • Nuclear
    • Biomass
    • Wood


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