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    • transferred
      • radiation
        • Radiation is how we can feel the heat of the Sun, even though it is millions of kilometres away in space
        • Infrared cameras give images even in the dark, because they are detecting heat, not visible light
      • conduction
        • heating a substance casuing it to vibrate
      • convection
        • particles with lots of thermal energy take the plave ofn particles with less
    • non-renewable
      • fossil fuels
        • coal
        • natural gas
        • oil
      • Renewable energy resources can be replaced, and will not run out
      • Non-renewable energy resources cannot be replaced once they are all used up
    • renewable
      • water power
        • transferred to kinetic
      • solar power
        • solar panels
      • biomass
        • waste/natural
      • wind power
        • wind turbines
      • geothermal
    • thermal
    • other types
      • kinetic
        • energy cteated by movement
      • solar
      • chemical
        • energy that comes from heat
      • gravitational
        • formed from the pull of gravity from high places e.g. mountain
      • elastic
      • nucleur
      • sound
        • created by vibrations
      • electrical
        • trasfers stored chemical energy into sound/light
    • saving energy
      • generating
        • using wave power or tidal power
        • using hydroelectric power schemes
        • using solar cells
        • using wind turbines
        • in power stations using fossil fuels or biomass fuel
      • reducing
        • walk to instead of getting using cars where possible
        • turn down the heating
        • turn off the lights when leaving the room


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