Nixon's Presidency: Watergate, Role of Congress, Resignation and Political Legacy

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  • Nixon's Presidency
    • Watergate
      • Events
        • 17 June 1972: 5 men arrested for breaking into the Dems offices at Watergate Hotel
        • After the release of the Pentagon Papers Nixon set up the 'Plumbers' to fix any leaks
          • 1st Job: break into Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office as a smear campaign against him
        • 15 Sept '72: the five men were indicted for burglary, conspiracy and violation of federal wiretapping laws
          • ex-CIA included Howard Hunt and ex- FBI Gordon Liddy
          • legal expenses was paid from CREEP ($500, 000)
          • Bob Woodward (Washington Post) was investigating
            • found James McCord (one of the burglars) was security for CREEP
            • Hunt's number was in one of the burglar's phone book
            • received classified info from '***********'
              • Associate Director of the FBI- Mark Felt
      • 23 March '73: Watergate burglars were due for sentencing
        • McCord wrote a letter to the judge uncovering more evidence
          • "there was political pressure applied... to remain silent"
      • May '73: Hearings are televised
      • 16 July '73: Senate discoverd the tapes but Nixon refuses to give them up
        • 24th July 1974 Supreme Court upheld the subpoena and he handed over the tapes
    • Role of Congress
      • Edward Kennedy pushed for a Senate Committee to investigate Watergate
      • Reps were prepared to defend Nixon
      • The Committee
        • headed by Sam Ervin, Dem. Senator for N.Carolina
        • parties' nominations were balanced
        • supported by a team of lawyers
        • Nixon's intransiegence over handing the tapes ended Rep. interest
          • Reps. distanced themselves
          • Dems finally slayed Nixon
    • Nixon's Resignation
      • A key part of the tapes ha d a gap of 18 and a half minutes
        • enough info to convict Nixon in the court of public opinion
      • Goldwater told Nixon he had max. 15 senators who'd vote against the conviction
      • Nixon announced his resignation on 8 Aug '74
      • Ford (Nixon's V.P) granted Nixon a full pardon in his inaugural address


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