Tsar Nicholas || (2)

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  • Nicholas ||
    • Born in 1868 - Died in 1917
      • Tsar 1894 - 1917
        • At the age of 29
    • He was seen as "soft" by his father
      • Often described as: shy, quiet, undecided and weak
      • His wife, Tsarina Alexandria -  was very involved in government and politics
        • He was often away and wasn't very interested in politics
    • Training in Government affairs
      • Had little interest in politics and offered his position to his brother
      • Had a very good memory
        • He was good at History
      • Spoke French and German as well as decent English
      • He did nothing while he waited for his father's regime to end
      • Advised and Tutored by Konstantin Pobedonostsev
        • Gave him a conservative view of the empire
    • Failed as Tsar
      • Last of the Tsars
      • Not trained enough
      • Didn't have enough political interest or his own plans/views
    • Successful Economy
      • Sergei Witte
        • Helped in industrialization of Russia
        • Built the Trans-Syberia
          • 7000km long
      • Russia expanded rapidly
        • St. Petersburg Population doubled from 1 million to 2 million between 1890 - 1914
    • October Manifesto -  1905
      • Helped Tsar regain control after Revolution (1905) as he promised a prliment
        • Influenced by Witte
      • Tsar was wiling to share power and create a national government
        • Suggested that a national parliament could be created
          • Just like Alexander ||
        • This gave him support from Russian Liberals
        • Despite this, the promises were empty as he like autocracy
      • Response to 1905 Revolution
      • October 17, 1905
      • Led to creation of Duma, 1906
        • Legal rights and Oversight
        • Had no real power as Tsar could dissolve it due to Fundamental Laws of 1906
        • Illusion of a Lower house government which had no real power
    • Bloody Sunday - 22/01/1905, the beginning of Revolution
      • It was the spark that triggered  the strikes
        • 20-30 October, 2.7 million workers on strike
      • Destroyed Tsar's Trust
      • 150,000  people led by priest - Father Gapon
        • Marched towards the Winter Palace where some were shot
        • Wanted help from him as they treated his as the "Little Father"
    • Russo-Japanese war (1904-05)
      • Attempt to take over North China and Korea
      • Drove a wedge bewteen Tsar and his people
      • Humiliation and Encouragement for 1905 Revolution
    • Believed in Orthodox and absolute Autocracy
      • People expected relaxed atmosphere
        • Delegation of zemstvos asked for more power
          • Dismissed as "senseless dreams"


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