New Labour policies since 1997

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  • New Labour policies since 1997
    • Reducing inequality
      • designating some diprived areas as education action zones and providing them with aditional resources
      • ain  higher programme to raise aspirations of groups who are under pressure in higher educatoion
      • EMA
      • Proposal to raise leaving age
    • Promoting diversiy and choice
      • secondary schools were encouraged to apply for specialist stauts in particular curriculum areas
        • offers parents greater choice and raises standards of achievement by enabling schools to build on their strenthgs
      • Promoted acadamies (former comprhensive schools with poor results)for raising achievement
        • Some acadamies have improved the achivement of working class pupils others have worsened it
    • Postmodernism and new labour policies
      • kenneth thompson-in a postmodern society schools can break free from the oppresive uniformity of the old centralised one fits all mas education system
      • Critics of postmodernism argue it exaggerates the extent of diversity in education
      • critics also say that postmodernism neglects the continuing importance of inequality in education
    • Criticisms of new labour policies
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