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    • Two types of natural hazards
      • 1. Geological
        • caused by land and tectonic processes
        • Volcanoes
        • Earthquakes
        • landslides
        • Avalanches
      • 2. Metearological
        • caused by weather and climate
        • tropical storms
        • heatwaves
        • climate change
    • Factors that affect hazard risk
      • Vulnerability
        • more people in areas exposed to natural hazards more vulnerability
          • eg Bangladesh, high pop density
      • Capacity to cope
        • HIC cope better than LIC, can afford to evacuate people, build flood defences
      • Nature of natural hazards
        • Type, eg tropical storms can be predicted
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        • Frequency, some occur more often
        • Magnitude, more severe ones cause greater effects


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