The Challenges of Natural Hazards

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  • The Challenges of Natural Hazards
    • Earthquake
      • Earthquakes are the sudden violent shaking of the ground. This happens due to the plates of the Earth constantly moving.
    • Natural Hazards
      • They are extreme natural events that can cause loss of life, extreme damage to property and disrupt human activities.
    • Plate Margins
      • These are the plates of the Earth (not the continents) that move very slowly over time.
        • Constructive Margins
        • Conservative Margin
        • Destructive Margin
    • Volcanoes
      • Volcanoes form when magma reaches the surface. Volcanoes usually form along plate margins, where crustal plates are either moving towards or away from one another
    • Tropical Storms
      • A tropical storm is a very powerful low-pressure weather system which results in strong winds and heavy rainfall. Tropical storms have different names depending on where they occur in the world. In the US and the Caribbean they are known as hurricanes, in South Asia - cyclones, in East Asia - typhoons
    • Extreme Weather
      • Two different pressure systems bring different types of weather to the UK. They are called depression and anticyclones
        • A depression is an area that has low atmospheric pressure
        • Anticyclones are areas of high pressure which form when cools air sinks.
    • Climate Change
      • These are changes in global and regional patterns


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