The challange of Natural Hazards

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  • The Challenges of the Natural Hazards
    • Natural Hazards
      • They are a process which could cause death injury or disruption to humans or destroy properties and possession
      • Two types of hazards
        • Meteorologica
        • Geological
      • Different Factor that affect the hazards
        • Vulnerability=Number of people exposed to an area
        • Nature of the Natural hazard=type, frequency and magnitude
        • Capacity to cope=Level of income
    • Tectonic Hazard
      • Tectonic plates
        • The crust,Mantle , Outer core and Inner Core
        • Plate margins
          • Destructive
          • Conservative
          • Constructive
      • Volcanoes and Earthquakes
        • Volcanoes are found at the destructive and constructive plate boundary
        • Earthquakes are found at all the plate margins
      • Management Strategy
        • Monitoring
        • Predication
        • Protection
        • Planning
    • Weather Hazards
      • Global atmospheric Circulation
      • Tropical Storms
        • They is in the centre and there is a low pressure, light winds, no cloud and no rain plus high temperature
        • Climate change means that there will be a rise sea temperature this means that number of tropical storms  plus they will have a higher intensity
        • Surrounded by the eyewall Storm clouds and torrential rain
        • Edges of the storm  the wind speed decrease the clouds are much smaller rain is less intense and temperature increases
      • Hurricane Katrina
        • Prediction: use data to monitor the storms
        • Planning   :Evacuation plans
        • Protection: Building homes on stilts
    • Extreme UK weather
      • Weather is becoming more extreme due to climate change Temperature extreme there is a lot of rain plus there have been flooding happening
      • Prediction: Warning systems
      • Protection: Stocking up gritters and salt supplies to keep roads safe
      • Planning: Emergency services prepare themselves
    • Climate Change
      • Evidence for Climate change :Ice Cores  and Temperature records
      • Quaternary period is the most recent geological time period
      • Cause
        • orbital change
        • Volcanic actvity
        • Solar Output
        • Burning Fossil Fuel
        • Farming
        • Deforestation
      • Managing Climate Change
        • planting trees
        • Carbon capture
        • Renewable energy
        • International agreements
        • Changing agriculture
        • Managing water supply
        • Coping with sealevel rising


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