Narrative- This is England

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  • Narrative- This is England
    • Shane employs a linear narrative social realist adhere to conventional narrative structures to make the story more realistic
    • Uses Todorov's theroy
      • equilibrium- sean lives with his mother, dad died in fawlklands unhappy
      • Disruption- Sean meets gang,and turn him into skinhead
      • Recognition- Sean joins splinter gang joins Combo in the racist and national front activities
      • characters attempt to repair disruption - Sean witnesses the violent attack on milky and realises combo is a vicious bully
      • Reinstatment to the equilibrium- sean rejects the racist ideology of combo symbolically throwing the flag into the see
    • Propps theroy.
      • Combo - Villian
      • Woody- Hero
      • Lol - Princess, Donor
      • Shaun - Donor
    • open ended story line- Shane meadows leaves the audience with enigma codes such as what will happen to shaun combo
      • In a subject Woody and combo mirror each other however they are very different. They both act as father figures towards sean in their narratives however they are oppositees in the way they treat him
    • think that Shane Meadows has chosen to structure this narrative without closure so that the ideology about things in real life not having closure is reinforced. The use of camera and editing for me is very effective, especially the final shot. As Shaun walks along the beach, in the same setting that the film started signifying that it is a circular narrative, the final shot is a close up of Shaun where he looks straight into the camera.
    • One symetrical narrative
      • Pivitol scene because it forces the film into reverse and simultainiously splits the narrative in 2
        • soft piano is used whilst the montage shows. this shows the transition from being a happy 13 year old boy to a troubled teenager
      • replaying many of the films earlier scenes to reflect how shaun has become a vicious thug at the manipuulative hands of combo
      • emphasises the idea of two storys repeating themselves by showing up as sisimilar scenes from different pespectives
    • At the end film sean throws a st georges flag into the sea which represents a political statement that the director wishes to pas onto the audiecne
    • Seeing the narrative follow sean day to day gets the audience a lot more involved and connects us to his actions
      • causes us to sympathise with him we dont realise the things he is doing awe see him as a young boy who just does not understand
    • the title reinforces the expectation of realism within the film and also foreshadows the events that happen


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