My Family and Other Animals

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  • My Family & Other Animals
    • Characters
      • Gerald
      • Leslie
      • Mother
      • Margo
      • Roger
    • Quay
    • Getting into the cab
    • Journey to the town
    • Arrived at hotel
    • Setting
      • Cab
      • Hotel
      • Quay
    • Paragraph 1
      • “...there were some forty-four dogs swirling about our wheels, almost hysterical with anger.”
        • Dramatic/ Exaggeration effect
      • “‘Ah!’ she said, smiling sweetly, as though our arrival had been the most normal thing in the world.”
        • Sarcastic in thoughts
    • Paragraph 2
      • “The door of the hotel opened and an ancient bewhiskered porter appeared and stood staring glassily at the turmoil in the street.”
        • Picture memory to capture very detailed and clear images to allow me to visualise that the porter looks like a fool
      • “‘How nice,’beamed mother.”
        • Ironic makes story not too serious or boring
      • green shutters folded back from their windows, like the wings of a thousand of moths


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