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Proxemics of Sidi and Lakunle at beginning
holds onto her, snakes both fists at him, retreat a little seizes the pale, makes a sweep in the direction of her breasts
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proxemics after the climax with Sidi
pushes her off, pushes him so hard, beats on the ground
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Bale's control at his house
drops her eyes, retreating, pacing angrily, rises angry, excitedly, biting her lip, stamping, winces, almost timidly, slaps down his opponents arm, frightened by her boldness
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western stranger
you speak his tongue, clamouring for his blood, you look like him
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Drums in the light hearted morning
swelling in volume, faster and faster, darker tone and rhythm
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Sidi's initial impression
piece of cloth only partially covering her, true village bell, leaving the shoulder bare, slim girl with plaits
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Bale's reaction to Sidi
still feasting his eyes on the images
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Sidi's vanity
happi;y engrossed in the pictures, before my face was lauded to the world
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Sidi reaction to Bales room
admiring the room
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Bale's powerful room
animal heads on the walls
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Bale's manipulation in his room
in youthful cheeks like yours
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evening dancing
drumming and shouting, dancers burst, without slackening pace, female dancers pursuing a masked male, saucily
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Sidi's beauty on the stranger
attention fixed on Sidi, eyes glued to the lens
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Chief's entrance
pacify the villagers, all go down, prostrate or kneeling
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Bale's win at power struggle
side's head falls slowly on the Bale's shoulder, you won,
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odan tree
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Sidi loosing control
absent-mindedly, recollects herself, Sidi dornws herself totally in the contemplation, pulls arses ears at him, doubtful, turns away hurt
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Bale loosing power
is he not wise, more and more desperate
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reactions to climax
no longer a maid, the lord forbid, it happens to the best of us, that we forget the bride-piece totally
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Sadiku's reaction
such nonsense has never passed from your lips
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old-style english suit, black waistcoats
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lakunle view on women
weaker sex, smaller brains, have told you not to carry loads
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savage custom, barbaic, out-dated, race of savages
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lagos is city of magic
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lakunle dancing
clearing a space in the crowd for a young girl, rise to the bait
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proxemics after the climax with Sidi


pushes her off, pushes him so hard, beats on the ground

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Bale's control at his house


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western stranger


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Drums in the light hearted morning


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