mrs birling character plan

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  • Mrs Birling
    • Cold woman
      • looks down on working class, doesn’t understand children
    • husband's social superior
      • Without the marriage she would have no authority
    • That was clever of you
      • often in denial but she isn’t ignorant. She is astute
    • Briskly and self-confidently
      • self satisfied, arrogant, complacent
    • Affecting great surprise
      • Putting on a social facade, denial
    • seem to have made a great impression
      • Priestley aiming his message at young generation as only they would change
    • Girls of that class
      • Prejudiced against working class, no empathy
    • husband was Lord Mayor
      • Trying to threaten or intimidate the Inspector just like her husband
    • We are learning something tonight
      • Missing lessons, that she should be learning
    • a piece of gross impertinence
      • entitled, she uses the charity as a form of power
    • I did nothing I’m ashamed of
      • can’t be changed, thinks it makes her better but it makes her worse
    • should be made an example of
      • only concerned about passing the blame, no sense of responsibility, hypocrite
    • don’t believe it. I won’t believe it
      • combination of the ignorance and denial Mrs Birling uses
    • I didn’t know. I didn’t understand
      • Excuses, passing the blame, hypocrisy
    • You never even tried
      • Never cared about her children, just cares about the family's appearance
    • They’re overtired
      • Doesn’t understand them, patronising and treats them like young children


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