Mr Bleaney

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  • Mr Bleaney
    • 'No room for books bags'. 'Fusty bed'. 'Flowered curtains'. 'Same saucer-souvenir'.
      • Description of room. Boring, lifeless, dull.
    • 'Four aways'= football pools. Everyday/boring.
    • 'Bed, upright chair, no hook behind the door'. Everything for a bedroom, nothing to make homely.
    • Stanza 6; starts talking about himself.
      • 'Tousling'= bleaney wouldn't know these words.
    • Last stanza: seems to be talking about bleaney but talking about himself+ questioning f his life Is any better. You get what you deserve
      • Life the same meaning he deserves no better.
        • 'One hired box'= coffin, constricting.
      • More sympathy at end.
    • Bleaneys life: sad,dull, existing not living, isolated,routine, larkin prediciting what his life was like.
      • Larkin can relate to him. Lonely single man.
      • Same rhyming scheme= tightly controlles restricting nature.
    • Overview: Speculates meaning of life and reflects back on own interpretation of what life must of been like.
    • Themes:   Creating characters, Place, Meaning and purpose of life, Everyday events, Death.
    • 1st voice: landlady. 2nd voice: Larkins persona.


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