character analysis of Mr Utterson

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  • Mr Gabriel Utterson
    • outspoken
      • "I can't pretend that I shall ever like him," said the lawyer.
      • Utterson is outspoken when it comes to his dislike for Mr Hyde, Jekyll's beneficiary.
      • This shows that Utterson speaks his mind - to the point where his friendship with Jekyll could be compromised
    • curious and persistent
      • This demonstrates Utterson's persistence in wanting to find Mr Hyde
      • "If he be Mr Hyde," he had thought, "I shall be Mr Seek."
      • Stevenson uses the pun "Mr Seek" to show Utterson's curious nature in discovering the truth about Mr Hyde.
      • Utterson is persistent in his quest to uncover the true reality of Mr Hyde and his relationship with Dr Jekyll.
    • caring
      • "This is very good of you, this is downright good of you, and I cannot find words to thank you in."
      • He really admires him and values him as a friend - he wants to see Jekyll happy.
      • Jekyll's response to Utterson's good deed shows that Jekyll is grateful for what Utterson has done and for his friendship.
      • Utterson cares about his friend, Dr Jekyll.





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