Gamification MOOC week 5 - motivation and psychology

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  • Motivation and psychology
    • Behaviorism
      • Stimulus > behavior > consequences
        • Condition behavior through consequences - come back or bad things will happen!
      • Treat brain as a black box and experiment on it with observation and hypotheses testing
      • Positive or negative reinforcement changes behavior - 'learning' (eg pavlov's dog)
        • Feedback loops - as immediate as possible for user!
        • reinforcement
          • Through rewards
        • Observation - look at what people actually do!
      • The dopamine system
        • Associate learning with rewards and pleasure
      • Cognitive evaluation theory
        • Tangible/ intangible
        • Expected/ unexpected
        • Contingency
          • completion contingent
          • engagement contingent
          • performance contingent
          • Task  contingent
    • Cognitivism
      • extrinsic rewards
        • Do it for the reward (eg do job for money)
          • Zichermann's SAPS framework (in easiness order for game setter)
            • Status
            • Access
            • Stuff
            • Power
      • Intrinsic rewards
        • Do it for its own sake (eg do job because you just love it)
      • How rewards can demotivate
        • Over justification - rewards become a substitute for pre-existing intrinsically motivations and destroy it (often in creative things)
    • Self determinationtheory
      • Motivation is a spectrum- from not wanting to do something to doing it for its own sake because it aligns with your personal goals
      • How to move people from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation?
        • Competence - I'm getting better and I feel good about it!
        • Autonomy - I'm in control - I have choices
        • Relatedness - I see how this related to a broader meaning or purpose, including what other people are doing
        • For business context read 'drive' by Daniel pink




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