Motivational techniques

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  • Motivation Techniques
    • Jury's Inn
      • Jury's Inn hold an annual gala dinner where they award staff with Oscars.
      • Jury's Inn gives their staff the opportunity to experience other hotels in the same brand, by giving them free accommodation there when they are undergoing training. They can take a friend or family member along too!
    • Paulton's Park
      • Paulton's Park have relatively poor motivational techniques
      • Paulton's Park give their staff a free microwave in the staff room and free hot and cold drinks.
      • Paulton's Park use practical techniques to motivate their staff.
    • Flybe
      • Flybe offer their staff a Salary Sacrifice Scheme where they are given the opportunity to exchange their wages for days off or childcare vouchers.
      • Flybe welcomes feedback from their staff in survey form to make them feel like their opinion counts.
      • Cabin crew who work for Flybe get discounted flights.
      • They have a Save as You Earn Scheme to help employees save.
      • Flybe focuses on two-way communication
      • Flybe use an autocratic management style.
    • Southampton airport
      • Southampton airport rewards their staff monthly.
      • The airports staff nominate each other to receive a recognition award, monthly.
    • Thomson
      • Thomson is owned by TUI which is a German company.
      • Thomson sells shares to their employees, so they are motivated to work harder.
      • They set staff individual targets.
      • They have a motivational graffiti display in the staff canteen in the one in Glasgow.


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