Motifs in Macbeth

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  • Motifs in Macbeth
    • Blood
      • "What bloody man is that" (1.2.1)
        • King Duncan asks about a sergeant.
        • Duncan asks about the battle that Macbeth was in. The soldier was covered in blood from the battle.
      • "make thick my blood; / Stop up the access and passage to remorse" (1.5.43-44)
        • Lady Macbeth talks to herself.
        • Lady Macbeth wants to poison her own soul, so that she can kill without remorse.
      • "Is't known who did this more than bloody deed?" (2.4.22)
        • Ross talks to Macduff
        • The discovery of King Duncan's corpse happened shortly after 3 a.m. Now it is daytime, but still strangely dark. The place is somewhere near Macbeth's castle, and Ross is talking to an Old Man.
    • Hands
      • "The weird sisters, hand in hand, / Posters of the sea and land, / Thus do go about, about" (1.3.32-34)
        • First witch tells the others what she did.
        • She wants to get back at the sailors wife because she didn't give her chestnuts.
      • "Is this a dagger which I see before me, / The handle toward my hand? (2.1.33-34)
        • Macbeth talks to himself.
        • Alone, waiting for his wife to give him the signal to go kill King Duncan, Macbeth starts to hallucinate.
      • Stars, hide your fires;Let not light see my black and deep desires:The eye wink at the hand; yet let that be,Which the eye fears, when it is done, to see.  (1.4.50-53)
        • Macbeth talks to himself
        • When King Duncan announces that his son Malcolm will be heir to the throne.


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