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    INITIAL REALESE DAY : 24 septmber 2010

BOX OFFICE: 96.962.694 $




Flashback: Andrew is having a meeting about the final agreement on share holders of the company. 

PRESENT MOMENT: Andrew making the deposition with his lawyers against Mark. 

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The Social network subverts Todorvs theory as the film doesn't end with and Equilibrium because we are constantly going back and forth from falsh backs to the present day.Th film is left open to the viewsr interpretation. 

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POWER: This whole movie revolves around people and their reaseach of relevant power on this run towards the ownership of the company. We can see andrew and the teo twins trying to gain power over the course of the movie.

Friendship: We see throughout this movie how this whole concept of friendship is torn apart when monetry interent is involved in the mix


 LOSS OF CONNECTION: Because  Facebook is a palform t connect people, through the process of legalising monetry matter into the company, andrew and mark end up truning on each other. This means a loss of a connection of a friendship that was true and genuine. So its kind of contradicting as they couldnt connect anymore. 

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Relationship of extract to the rest of the film

Chosen extract at 1:38:00 -  1:40:34 by the end of the movie. 

Summary of the extract : The scene begins in a meeting with Edoardo and two business man who are explaing the shrers of the company and who they will be held by. After this there is an immdiate jump to  the deposition of Edoardo explaining how he felt like he was hijacked as when signing the papaers there were left out information, which will later result in hs part of the shares going from 34.4% to 0.3%

Theme in my extract : The main theme in my extract relates back to the general theme surrounding this movie whihc is mainly about friendship and power. In this extract we can see as the audience that this is a heavely emotional scene, we withness a friendship tear part in a courtroom. This is bacause Mark left to specify the changes that happen with more investors. Edoardo then interpreted the mistake as intent into taking him out the company.This theme is reccurent throughout the movie, but it reaches it climax when we see all of the charachters distrusting each other and going their separte ways. Mak in the end is left on his own, with just his virtual friends to rely on. 

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Sociocultural Significance

In 2009, the company shut down Beacon -- a service that posted online purchases to users profiles, sometimes without their knowledge -- following outrage from users. A year later, the social media giant rolled out new privacy controls and blocked outside parties from seeing personal information.

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Film Genre and Directors Intent

Genere : American biographical drama 

Although the biographical drama is missing of the syntatic ( structurl and symbolic elements), however it complies with numerous semantic ( iconographics elements) conventions of structure and incorporates devices which aid the comprension of time, such as montage, falshback, voiceovers and the use of varied film aesthetics which convey a sese of truth. 

 This extract also follows Todorsv Propps theory, as there is a number of charatchters which fit into the theory. 

Mark is the hero   

The two twins are the villans who try to steal the company. 

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Focused analysis N1



PAN SHOT :To follow a subject or show the distance between two objects.In this case this movement is used to show the facbook office premises. In addition is focused on one charchter wich is Edoardo which is in a conforence room. The prefer reading of this shot is to establish the scene, and make a clear trasition from one scee to the other. 

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MIDSHOT : From this shot, viewers can see the characters' faces more clearly as well as their interaction with other characters. This is also known as a social shot 

CLOSE UP :This enables viewers to understand the actor's emotions and also allows them to feel empathy for the character. This is also known as a personal shot.

OVER THE SHOULDER: this type of shot establishes an empathy with whoever's shoulder it may be,as well as establishing the distance between the character and what he or she is observing.

Shot and Reverse – a shot sequence most commonly used to film dialogue sequences

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Reaction Shot – this type of shot underscores key moments within the scene. At their most extreme, reaction shots can function as an exclamation mark; however, for the most part they enable the audience to work out what the character is thinking. This is very important since in a film we do not have easy access to a person's thoughts 

-EXAMPLE when Eodardo says to ark i was your only friend, and the camera cut to see mars reaction. 

series of quick cuts, often used to zoom in a caracthers face, the prefered reading of the directors intentional cut is to emphasis emotions. 

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In this sequence we can see in the beginning Eoardo sharing a conversation with the two business mens in the room. When we see the cut to the courtroom the dialogue becomes mainly just from edoado and his lawyer, even if mark could have talked he decides to not to, and this can interpreted as the meaning behind it is to focus on the emotionaal wrech edoardo is becoming. Therefore the director to not shift the focus from him the dialogue becomes a monologue. 

Non digetic sound of slight music playing in the background when Mark and edoardo are seen sharing a few words in the office. 

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The courtroom settings, we can clearly see edoardo sitting opposite way to Mark and this signifies rivary. It is important to also see the differences in costumes of the two carachthers, Edoardo is see wearing a full tux appropriate to the settings, in the other hand Mark is seen wearing a jumper. The differetn costumes the prefered reading is that edoardo seems to really take pride into his appearance, in contrast mark doesnt, and has showsn trhpughout the movie that he doesn't care about his appearance at all. 

Props: Pen: the preferred reading is anchored through the prop of the pen which signifies how the pen is significant due to Eduardo signing away his life unknowingly - creates dramatic irony

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In the beggining the cinematographer choses to use natural lighting of the office. 

When the clip cuts to the courtroom, the light chages into a more Amber, this coneys intimacy to the adience, which signifies vulnerbility of the charachters especially edoardo.

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Critical and success of the film

A rich, understated character drama that gleefully exposes the petty playground politics at the centre of one of the internet-era's most bitter court cases.

-Empire Magazine

Like one of those fake-smart, middlebrow TV shows, the speciousness of The Social Network is disguised by topicality. It’s really a movie excusing Hollywood ruthlessness. That’s why it evades Zuckerberg’s background timidity and the mess that the Internet has made of cultural discourse. 

-A Syncdoche of White’s review

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