Multi-store model

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  • Supports
    • Primacy effect- p's able to recall first few items of a list, this is because earlier items a rehearsed and transferred to LTM
    • Recency effect- p's tend to remember the last few items better, this is because they are still in STM
    • People with Korsakoff's syndrome provide support. They can recall last items in a list suggesting unaffected STM, however LTM is very poor. Supports the model by showing STM and LTM are separate stores
    • Multi-store model
      • Limitations
        • In the model intro is transferred from STM to LTM through rehearsal. In real life people don't always have time to rehearse yet they still transfer information to LTM
        • Model is oversimplified,assumes only one LT store and one ST store, this has been disproved by brain damaged patients suggesting different ST and LT stores


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