Asexual, sexual reproduction and mitosis

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  • Mitosis, asexual and sexual reproduction
    • Mitosis makes new cells for growth and repair
      • 1) body cells normally have two coipes of each chromosome
      • 2) they get one copy of each chromosome from the mother and one from the father
      • 3) so humans have two copies of chromosome 1, two copies of chromosome 2
      • 4) Diagram shows the 23 pairs of chromosomes from a human cell
      • 5) When a body cell divides it needs to make new cells identical to the original cell- with the same number of chromosomes
      • 6) This type of cell division is called mitosis
      • 7) Mitosis happens in plants and animals. It happens when they want to grow or to replace cells that have been damaged
    • Mitosis is when a cell copies itself by splitting to form two identical offspring
      • 1) a cell with two sets of chromosomes
      • 2) The DNA is copied and forms X-shaped chromosomes. Each arm of the chromosome is an exact cop of the other
      • The cell divides once
      • 4) you now have two new cells containing exactly the same DNA- they're identical
    • Asexual reproduction uses mitosis
      • 1) Some organisms reproduce by mitosis
      • 2) this is an example of asexual reprodction
      • 3) the offspring have exactly the same genes as the parent-so there's no variation
      • 4) other organisms (like humans) reproduce sexually
    • Meiosis makes new sex cells
      • 1)Gametes are sex cells(sperm cells, egg cells)
      • 2) cells in your reproductive organs(testies or ovaries) divide to form gametes
      • 3) This type of cell division is called meiosis
      • Gametes only have one set of chromosomes
    • Sexual reproduction involves gametes
      • 1) During sexual reproduction, gametes combine to form a new individual
      • 2) 1st is fertilisation-the sperm + egg join to form a new body cell
      • 3) this new cell grows by dividing by mitosis
      • 4) The new individual will have a mixture of two sets of chromosomes. This means it will inherit features from both parents
        • This means it will inherit features from both parents
          • This is how sexual reproduction produces variation


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