Mission Statements

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  • Mission
    • A mission statement is ...
      • Purpose of a business
      • What a business wants to be
      • A strategic perspective
      • 'Vision' for the future
    • Mission statements commonly focus on ...
      • The values of a business
      • The range of a firms activities
      • The importance of different groups e.g. Employees, Customers, Investors.
    • A mission statement is not intended to be
      • A statement of Goals or Objectives
      • A statement of Core Values
      • A statement of how the business intends to compete or position itslef in the market
    • What makes a good Mission Statement?
      • Clear sense of business purpose
      • Excites, Inspires, Motivated & Guides
      • Easy to remember and understand
      • For all stakeholders - not just shareholders and managers
    • Influences on a Mission
      • Values of the founders of the business
      • The values of the business's employees
      • Industry in which the business is part of
      • Society's views
      • The ownership of the business
    • MISSION STATEMENT - purpose and reason for existing
    • VISION STATEMENT - the business's aspirations
    • STRATEGY - the plan to achieve the vision
    • CORPORATE OBJECTIVES - targets within the plan+measures success


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