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  • Return of the past
    • Misdeed committed in the past is inescapable and must be rectified - K&J are punished for their failure to face up to past
      • Tree "The wind must've got it" - symbolical return of the past
    • Other inanimate objects act as trigger to remind characters of the past
      • "baseball glove"
      • George's "hat"
      • "That's Larry's room"
    • Incident with Bert signals difficulty Keller's have in avoiding reminders of past - events are ingrained in minds of even children
      • "I want you to stop that..whole jail business"
    • Bert - 'Chekhov's gun' - if a gun is hanging on wall in first act it has to be used in the next - signifies Keller's suicide
      • "I showed you my gun"
    • Ann's return sets in motion the chain of events that lead to true story of shop incident
    • J&K have no difficulty openly discussing shop incident because their version is accepted at fact - George causes more tumult as he brings a version different to theirs
      • "The court record was good enough for you all these years"


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