Minor Characters

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  • Minor Characters
    • Carlson
      • Prime example of a migrant worker
        • Years of working on the ranch and looking after himself has made him mean
          • He is very Violent and Loves a fight
            • Only guy on the ranch (apart from the Boss and Crooks) To have a gun
              • What George uses to shoot Lennie
            • When Curly talks to Slim about his wife, he is quick to get involved
              • He is not scared of Curley
                • "You're as yellow as a frog's Belly"
      • Has little or no empthy
        • Doesn't understand why Candy is upset about his dog
          • Shoots the dog as it is bothering him
            • "It stinks"
        • Doesn't understand friendship.
          • Doesn't understand Georges feelings when he shoots Lennie
            • "Now what the hell you suppose is eatin them guys?"
    • Whit
      • Likes to get involved with everything
        • Very friendly to everyone
      • Lonley
        • Shown when he obsess over the newspaper article (William Tenner)
          • Shows how ranch life effects younger men
      • Young
        • Very excited in the fight scene
      • Sent into town to get the Sherriff when they find Curley's wife
    • The Boss
      • Well dressed, showing he is the one in charge
        • "High heeled boots"
      • Candy likes him as he gave them whisky at christmas
      • Fair men
        • Checks that George is not taking Lennie's pay
          • "Now what you sellin?"
    • Aunt Clara
      • Looked after Lennie when he was a child
        • Suggests that he parents didn't want the burden of Lennie
        • Let him do what he wanted
          • Like stroking soft things
            • Gave him mice which he killed accidently so then stopped
              • Gave him velvet instead
        • Doesn't have a good memory of her
          • Lennie remembers her getting angry
            • Found it hard to cope with Lennie
          • Image of her appears to Lennie in the Brush
            • He obviously cared for her and she loved him
        • Asked George to look after Lennie when she was dying
      • Lennie remembers her getting angry
        • Found it hard to cope with Lennie
    • Susy
      • Owner of the brothel(cat house)
        • Ranch workers visit when they get their pay at the end of the month
        • In competition with Clara, who owns the other brothel
          • Men prefer Susy as she has a good sense of humour and her girls are clean
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