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  • 27 year old woman
    • Stage 1 of labour- in the first stage of labour, cervical effacement and dilation begins (Tiran, 2008).
      • The cervix will efface due to the baby's head pushing against the cervix, this allows the cervix to stretch (Healthwise, 2018).
        • Dilation is when the cervix starts to open and it is measured from 0-10cm, once a woman has reached 10cm she is completely dilated and can start pushing (Healthwise, 2018).
      • The first stage of labour will also consist of regular contractions which is the active phase of labour (Herbert, 2017).
    • The woman I am looking after is a 27 year old nulliparous mother. She is good health and does not have any existing or developed health conditions.
      • Stage 1 of labour- The first stage of labour for a first time mother is usually longer than for mothers having their subsequent baby (Herbert, 2017).
        • It will usually take 6-12 hours for the cervix to become fully dilated (NHS, 2017).
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      • Stage 2 of labour- This is stage will be hard work for the mother and as it is her first baby the progression may be slow and can take up to two hours (Pregnancy birth and baby, 2017).
    • Stage 3 of labour- In the last stage of labour
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    • Stage 2 of labour- In the second stage of labour the woman will reach full dilation of 10cm (Tiran, 2008). This is also the stage ends with the expulsion of the baby (Macdonald and Magill-Cuerden, 2011).
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