Michael Symmons Roberts Context

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  • Michael Symmons Roberts
    • To John Donne
      • Concerned that mapping the DNA of our bodies is harmful
      • Unmapped, the human body is common ground
      • People want to patent parts of the body for personal benefit
      • Body is vulnerable to patenting
    • John Donne
      • A response the the poem 'Elegie XIX: To his Mistress Going to Bed’
      • Focus on physical body and **********
      • Sexual imagery and language
      • Roberts uses Donne's metaphor but in an unerotic way, desexualises her
      • Map metaphor throughout
    • The Human Genome Project
      • 1990 - 2003
      • Referred to as mapping the human genome
      • Controversial - should we know what makes us?
      • Aimed to map all the nucleotides that make up our genes
    • Career
      • Interest in genetics
      • Made documentary for the BBC
      • Worked with Sir John Sulston
        • Helped to map the Human Genome
      • Believed that whoever owns land has power over it - like our bodies


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