Metallic bonding

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  • Metallic Bonding
    • Bonds between metals
      • Electrostatic attraction between metal ions and delocalised electrons
        • Delocalised electron from the outer shell of metal atom
      • Bonds between atoms are very strong
    • High melting and boiling points
      • Lots of energy is needed to break the forces of attraction
    • Layers form lattice structure
      • Slide over one another
        • Malleable
        • Ductile
    • Alloys
      • Mixture of a metal and another element
      • Disturbs regular arrangement and layers
      • Stronger and harder as layers can't slide as easily
      • Steel= iron+carbon+nickel
      • Brass= Copper+zinc
    • Conducts heat and electricity
      • Delocalised electrons are free to move and carry charge throughout the structure
    • Insoluble in water
    • No intermolec. forces
    • Iron
      • Copper
      • Steel
      • Aluminium


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