Merchant Of Venice A03

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  • Merchant Of Venice A03
    • Venice
      • Venice was rich and powerful, jews were a main source of income from performing usury
    • The theatre
      • It was illegal for women to act so men played women roles which added to the humour
    • Jews
      • Could not be Venetian citizens
      • Lived in ghettos
      • Old Testament so used interest
      • Faced abuse
    • Women
      • Pressured to marry
      • Women belonged to their husbands and gave a dowry
      • Weren't allowed into the Venetian court
    • Allusions
      • "Daniel" a biblical reference to him using knowledge to safe Susanna
      • 'Daughter of Cato and wife of Brutus' Portia is compared to them showing her wealth and power
    • Mercy
      • Christians believed in mercy however are shown to be hypocritical
      • The punishment of Shylock was harsh and they believed they would send him to heaven


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