Memory- duration

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  • Memory- duration
    • Short term
      • Limited duration (18 seconds)
      • Peterson and Peterson
        • Trigram retention experiment. Participants read nonsense trigrams then counted backwards (distractor task prevents rehearsal)
          • 90% recalled after 3 seconds
          • 6% recalled after 18 seconds
          • +Lab experiment (well controlled and standardised- can be replicated)      -artificial stimuli (lacks ecological validity)
    • Long term
      • Limitless capacity. Duration= life time (but can decline with age)
      • Bahrick: 392 graduates
        • Recognition better than recall. Dip in performance after 47 years. Spaced learning retained  than intensive recall.
        • +Natural stimuli (high ecological validity) -can't generalise to other bits of information (emotional significance) -lacks population validity (biased sample)


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