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Mindmap on the nature of memory

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  • The nature of memory: STM, LTM and duration
    • Duration of STM
      • Short-term memories dont last very long.
      • The way most people keep information in their STM for more than just a few seconds is to rehearse it.
      • So rehearsal is one way of keeping a memory active.
      • The result of such verbal rehearsal is that short-term memories are held in the short-term memory store and eventually become long term.
    • Duration of LTM
      • LTM refers to memories that last anywhere from 2 hours to 100 years plus.
      • Shepard (1967)
      • Bahrick et al. (1975)
    • The duration of STM may be even shorter.
      • Marsh et al. (1997)
    • Not quite short term memories.
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    • Key study on duration of STM
      • Peterson and Peterson (1959)


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