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  • meichenbaum SIT-stress innoculation therapy cognitvie
    • AIM: to compare SIT with systematic de-ssensitisation and a control group in a group of students with anxiety.
    • METHOD: field experiment using self report and grade averages before and after. single blind-didn't know which conditions
    • DESIGN: matched pairs- 3 groups, gender control, anxiety levels matched
    • stress innoculation therapy
      • 1) cognitive preparation: identifying source of problem- how situation is thought about.
      • 2) skill acquisition and rehearsal: attempts to replace negative thoughts with positive ones- self statements learnt.
      • 3) application and follow-through: guide person through more situations using technique learnt to deal with them.
    • PROCEDUR: each p tested using an anxiety questionnaire told would be doing an IQ test but assessed using Anxiety Adjective Test gave bassline score.
    • SAMPLE: 21 sudents aged 17-25 responded to advert with  anxiety.
      • SIT GROUP: 8 therapy sessions, given positives to overcome negative. taught relaxation techniques
      • SD GROUP: given 8 sessions and relaxation training
      • CONTROL GROUP: told on waiting list.
    • FINDINGS: sit group- performance improved significantly though big difference between that and control groups. sit groups showed most improvement in anxiety levels.
    • CONC: sit is more effective than other techniques in controlling anxiety and improving performance is tests.


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