Medical negligence claim

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  • Medical Negligence
    • Duty of care
      • The victim must to prove the NHS fail to provide adequate medical treatment and assistence
    • Breach of Duty of Care
      • When  the NHS does not carry out  what agreed to do
    • Deadline
      • when you noticed have been injured
        • Three years both adult and children
    • Causation
      • The injury  was caused due to bad treatment
    • Damages
      • Physical/a loss of  body part (leg/harm)
      • Psychological     (trauma, depression and nightmares)
    • Investigation
      • To prove  medical error
    • Legal Claim
      • You will  need to contact a profetional to guide and will give you legal advise
    • Medical Expert
      • They are  responsible to determine whether NHS owes duty care
    • What to Claim
      • Compensation finacially/medical treatment


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