Medical Ethics Questions

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  • Medical Ethics Questions
    • Euthanasia
      • CHRISTIAN VIEW: Sanctity of Life - goes against letting God give and take life. Evidence = Pope described it as "a grave violation against the law of God."
      • CHRISTIAN VIEW: Would rather have people die with peace and dignity = Christian hospices that look after terminally ill people eg. Rowcroft
      • ALTERNATIVE VIEW: One of the Five Precepts - do not harm any other living thing. Killing (euthanasia) goes against this
    • Suicide
      • CHRISTIAN VIEW: Life belongs to God, suicide goes against this. Evidence = Sanctity of Life
      • CHRISTIAN VIEW: Murder is immoral in the Bible and suicide counts as murdering oneself. Evidence = "You shall not murder" - Ten Commandments
      • ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Killing anyone (including yourself) is immoral. Evidence = Five Precepts of Buddhism - do not harm any living thing
    • Abortion
      • CHRISTIAN VIEW: Double effect makes abortion okay - as aim is to save life, not terminate foetus. Evidence = CCC
      • CHRISTIAN VIEW: Sanctity of Life - life belongs to God. Evidence = "I formed you in the womb before you were born."
      • ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Killing is wrong, even an unborn foetus. Evidence = Five Precepts of Buddhism - do not harm any living thing
    • Fertility Treatment
      • CHRISTIAN VIEW: You should be able to have children whoever you are. Evidence = "Be fruitful and multiply."
    • Cloning
      • CHRISTIAN VIEW: Humans should not play God. Evidence = "It is He who made us."
      • CHRISTIAN VIEW: A clone would be entirely made by science, which is unnatural. Evidence = Bible says that we are made in the image of God
      • ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Buddhists may see cloning as a way to cling to this life. Evidence = acceptance of suffering is important to reach ENLIGHTENMENT
    • Animal Testing
      • CHRISTIAN VIEW: Animals should be treated kindly and respectfully because we are stewards of earth. Evidence = St. Antony of Padua preached to fishes / "As good stewards of God's varied grace."
      • ALTERNATIVE VIEW: Buddhists think we are all equal because we all have souls, therefore we shouldn't experiment on animals. Evidence = Buddhist doctrine - all castes, animals and women have equal worth and spirituality.
      • CHRISTIAN VIEW: We can do what we want with animals because God created them for us to use for our benefit. Evidence = "And let them have dominion over all the earth."


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