Media Influences on Aggression

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  • Media Influences on Aggression
    • Evaluation
      • Casual variables - Why do people play VVGs? Other risk factors?
      • Research problems - lab experiments don't mimic real life. Only looks at short term effects.
      • More complex - there may be many different factors that impact PPL not just media
      • Game difficulty - VVGs may make people frustrated not aggr.
      • Media violence - very few studies look at human harm and small correlations
    • Violent Video Games (VVG)
      • Experimental studies - Anderson and Dill found that Ps blasted players with white noise for longer
        • They also rated higher on the state hostility scale after player a shooter game compared to a puzzle game
      • Porter suggests that interactive violence may have more of an influence.
        • In video games the players are rewarded for being aggr.
      • Longitudinal studies - Anderson surveyed 430 7-9 year olds.
        • Children who had high exposure to aggr games became more aggr and less pro-social
    • Greitemeyer + Mugge (2014)
      • VVG use was linked to an increase in aggr outcomes and a decrease in pro-social outcomes
      • Another game in which the aim is to help PPL.
      • Pro-social games reduced aggr outcomes and increased pro-social behaviour
      • Meta-analysis of 98 studies + 37,000 Ps. Looked at effects of VVGs related to harming PPL.
    • Violent Films and TV
      • Longitudinal studies - Huesmann looked at 557 6-10 year olds + 329 15 years later
        • Early exposure to Violent TV predicted adult aggr in both M&F
      • Lab and Field experiments - Bjorkqvist showed 5 + 6 year olds violent + non-violent films
        • Violent film watchers scored higher on a physical aggr scale.
      • Meta analyses - Bushman looked at 431 studies, most studies looked at the impact of violent TV
        • They found significant effects on thoughts, feelings + arousal. More short term for adults


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