McGrath - Behavioural Treatment

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  • McGrath (Behavioural Treatment)
    • to treat a girl with specific noise phobia using systematic desensitisation
    • systematic desensitisation - done by forming a hierarchy of fear, involving conditioned stimulus, ranked from least fearful to most fearful.  works way up starting at least unpleasant and then relaxing technique
    • case study of 9 year old girl
      • lower than average IQ and psychometric tests showed she was not depressed, anxious or generally fearful
      • parents consented
    • constructed fear hierarchy then taught breathing and imagery to relax
      • rated fear levels on a thermometer from 1-10
    • end of 4th session she could signal a balloon to be popped 10m away with only mild anxiety
    • end of 5th session she could pop balloons herself
      • party poppers and cap guns were then introduced
    • end of 10th session her fear levels had decreased for all three stimuli


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