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  • Dysfunctional Behaviour
      • Biases
        • Ford and Widiger- to find out if clinicians were stereotyping genders rather than diagnosing disorders
      • Categorising
        • ICD10- each disorder has a code and the manual includes features of disorders
        • DSMIV- Disorders divided into five axis
      • Definitions
        • Statistical Infrequency, Deviation from social norm, Failure to function adequately, Deviation from ideal mental health
      • Behavioural- behaviour is learnt through conditioning
        • Watson and Raynor- to see whether Little Albert can learn to have a phobia through classical conditioning
      • Cognitive- behaviour is caused by faulty thinking
        • Beck et al- to understand cognitive distortions in patients with depression
      • Biological- behaviour is caused by physiological factors
        • Gottesman and Sheilds- review of adoption and twin studies of families with schizophrenia
      • Behavioural- phobias can be unlearnt through systematic desensitisation and flooding
        • McGrath- to treat Lucy suffering from noise phobia using systematic desensitisation
      • Biological- dysfunctional behaviour can be treated through drug therapy
        • Karp and Frank- to compare drug treatments and non-drug treatments for depression
      • Cognitive- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
        • Beck et al- to compare the effectiveness of cognitive therapy and drug therapy for depression


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