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  • Men, gender and masculinity
    • Definitions
      • Sex - bodily characteristics to define someone as male or female at birth
      • Gender - a matter of culture referring to social classification of 'masculine' and 'feminine'
    • Sex Differences
      • Some have bodies which cannot easily be classified as 'male' or 'female'
        • Intersex
      • 18th century female body was a 'lesser' version of the male
    • Gender Construction
      • Hobbies we pursue
      • These are learned practices, not a product of individual choice
      • Powerfully reproduced by society
      • Social construct
    • Role Theory
      • Expects men and women to take on different gender roles
        • EXAMPLE Fatherhood/motherhood
      • Biological basis of male and female becomes attributed to social norms and expectations
    • Feminist Critiques
      • Important social category in understanding inequalities
      • Critiquing the patriarchal systems
        • Some argue that the political project of feminism is completed
        • Others argue it has lost its way
        • Calls for moving beyond 'victim feminism'
    • Sexuality
      • Sexual desire or attraction
      • Heteronormativity
        • The assumption that heterosexuality is the norm
    • Problematic masculinity
      • Men taken for granted
      • High men's suicide rates across countries linked to unwillingness to express emotions
      • Socially and culturally embedded
    • Hegemonic Masculinity
      • A standard against all men are judged
      • Largely white, middle class, younger and heterosexual


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