Masai Mara Game reserve

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  • Masai Mara Game reserve
    • location
      • central east Africa
      • lies on the equator
      • located in kenya near the Tanzania boarder
      • 1,500km2
    • ecosystem
      • diverse biodiversity
        • four types od topography
        • all five members of the big five
          • lion
          • leopard
          • elephant
          • buffalo
          • rhinoceros
        • 470 species of bird
          • many migrants
          • eg ostriches
    • threats of biodiversity
      • tourism
        • industry worth US$ 500 million
        • poorly protected parks
          • threaten the sustainability of this industry
        • safari tours to see the big five
          • repeated use of hiking trials and mechanised transportation cause soil erosion
            • destroying or changing habitats
        • is a mass due tourism tropical area
          • due to beautiful coastal beaches, wildlife and unique scenery
        • 785,000 tourists per year
      • illegal hunting
        • giraffes, zebras and antelopes
      • around july animals migrate north to seek better pastures
        • eg wildebeests and zebras
        • private fenced ranches limit wildlife movement
    • success of Management
      • tourism increases the countries economy
        • government can afford to invest in management
      • WWF monitored affect on species populations
        • 85% decrease in giraffes
        • 80% decrease in warthogs
        • 76% decrease in hartebeasts
      • life expectancy increased by 20 years between 2006-14
      • tourists increase green house gases
        • should do what they have done on Galapagos and tax tourists
      • Tsaru national park
        • higher cost
          • smaller groups
        • tourists stayed In tents
          • reduce impact on environment
        • eco-tourism
      • closed a reserve called amboseli for a small period in the 1980s to allow the lions to breed successfully
      • Ban maasai mara vehicles from going off road to contain soil erosion
      • waste stored in animal proof bins so that animals weren't poisoned from eating it
      • 25m exclusion zones to keep tourist buses away from animals
        • do not disturb sleeping/ feeding/ mating animals
      • ex poachers employed as tour bus drivers




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