Marxist perspectives of religion

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  • Marxists Perspectives of religion
    • Lennin
      • Spiritual Gin
      • Diversionary institution- drug that distorts true nature of exploitation
      • Reinforces false class consciousness
      • Means of social control and seeing to delude the exploited
    • Marx & Engles
      • Tool of social control
      • Distorts reality, legitimises inequalities which exist in society
      • Compensates for misery of those who have been exploited
      • Promises happiness through religion- just a delusion
    • Althusser 1971
      • 'Mechanism for promoting views and interests of the RC'
      • Ideological apparatus- used to legitimise RC domination
      • Brainwashed into accepting social class inequalities as God-given and inevitable
        • Prevents them from doing anything to improve their situation, leaves RC free to exploit them
    • Marx 1842
      • Lessens the pain of hardship and drug that distorts reality and helps individuals deal with pain
      • Justifies and legitimises existing social order- Divine Right
      • Primary Function- reproduces, maintains & justifies class inequalities
        • R ideological apparatus reflects RC ideas
      • Ideological in 3 ways:
        • Legitimises social inequality
        • Distinguishes nature of exploitation
        • Keeping WC passive and resigned to their fate


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