Functionalist perspective of the family

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  • Functionalist perspective of the family
    • Murdock
      • Nuclear family is universal, 250  different  societies have nuclear family
      • Family provide 4 functions
        • Primary socialisation. Teach norms and values of society
        • Economic support, provide for each other
        • Reproduce  society members
        • Stable sexual relationships between adults
      • Critiicisms
        • The 4 funtions can be provided by other institutions
        • Marxist and Feminist say the functionalist fail to see the 'dark side' of the family
    • The family is the cornerstone of society, important foundation where everything can build from
    • Parsons
      • Nuclear family not universal
        • In pre-industrial times the extended family existed
          • A unit of consumption
          • A unit of production
          • Willmot and Yound criticise this as life expectancy wasnt long enough to have 3 generations living together
        • In industrial times the nuclear family existed
      • Family only provides 2 functions
        • Primary socialisation
        • Stablisation of adult personalities


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