marxist view of the family

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  • marxist view of the family
    • marxist theory is
      • macro
      • conflict
      • structural
    • marxists regard society as
      • determined by the economic base/ infrastructure
        • and the non economic/ ideological superstructure
      • capitalist
      • unequal
      • containing the seeds of its destruction
      • revolutionary
    • marxists see the family as
      • ideological
      • reproducing
      • functional
    • key sociologists
      • Engagles
        • monogamous family/ property
          • ensures wealth is kept within the family
          • men know passing down property down to their biological offspring
          • The NF developed so that men can be sure of the paternity
        • mongous marriage
          • alows men to control womens sexualites
        • crit: most men don't own property or very little
        • phaps monogamous family also benefits women
      • Zaretsky prop for CAP/ unit of consumption/ buffer zone
        • unpaid domestic labour
        • consumes the commodities
        • women free reserve of labour
        • provides comfort and escape
          • similar to parsons warm bath theory
        • discourages workers revolution
        • crit: families not always materialistic
      • Althusser ISA
        • as part of the ** the family has an ideological function
        • societies supper structure is controlled by the B
        • Cooper ideological controlling device
          • children learn to conform to authority
        • crit: do children passively accept authority
        • crit: FD means children are exposed to a wide range of values


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