Marxist Theories and Critcisms on the Family

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  • Marxist Theories and Criticisms
    • Engels
      • Inheritance of Property
        • Created the need for monogamy so that fathers could pass down to legimate heirs
          • Subjects women to unequal power within the home
            • However
              • Parsons (Functionalist)
                • Women are naturally passive and expressive compared to a man's instrumental role
        • However
          • This is historically inaccurate- monogamous and the nuclear family was found in hunter-gatherer groups
          • Parsons (functonalist)
            • The family functions are more due to socialization and stabilizing adult personalities
    • Zaretsky
      • Benefits Capitalism
        • 'Pressure Valve' offers emotional sercuity after a working day so they continue to be opressed by the higher classes
          • However
            • Somerville (Liberal Feminist)
              • Exaggerates the importance of the family being a haven from capitalism and ignores the 'dark side' of the family e.g. domestic violence, creulty and incest
    • Althusser
      • Ideological State apparatus
        • Maintains class oppression by socialization of capitalism ideologies down the generations
        • However
          • Feminist
            • That kind of family ideology supports patriarchy and that men and women have separate roles within it
          • Functionalist
            • The family allows children to become effective adults in society


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