Marxist view on the family

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  • Marxist view on the family
    • Marxist view
      • Marxists reject the consensus view which underpins both the functionalist and New Right view
      • Marxists argue the family functions to serve the capitalist system
      • Marxists such as Engels, Cooper and Zaretsky are very critical of the nuclear family
    • Engels (1972, 1844)
      • Engels argued the nuclear family was created by capitalism to ensure wealth stayed in the families of the bourgeoisie
      • Engels also claimed the nuclear family oppressed women
    • Zaretsky (1976)
      • Zaretsky claimed the nuclear family socialise its children into bourgeoisie
      • This allowed the bourgeoisie rule to go unquestioned
    • Cooper (1968)
      • David Cooper sees the nuclear family as an 'ideological conditioning device'
      • It functions to socialise or brainwash children into being obedient and passively accepting their proleteriat status


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