Marxist Perspective on the Family

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  • Marxist Perspective on the Family
    • Inheritance of Property
      • Monogamy was essential. Men had to be certain of the paternity of their hiers so that they could give inheritance
      • Engels (1884) argued that private property is at the heart of capitalism.
      • Monogamy represented a 'world historical defeat of the female sex' and women were a 'mere instrument in the production of children'
    • Ideological Functions
      • Ideology is a set of ideas or beliefs that justify inequality + maintain the capitalist system by persuading people that it's fair.
      • Parental power teaches children that ther is always someone in charge. This prepares them for taking orders off of the bourgeoisie at work.
      • Zaretsky (1976) suggests that families offer a 'haven' from the harsh exploitive world of capitalism in which workers can have a private life
      • Children are socialised to believe that hierarchy and inequality is inevitable
    • Unit Of Consumption
      • Capitalism exploits workers as they sell their labour in exchange for pay.
      • Advertisers encourage people to buy the latest products. Children who don't, get mocked.
      • The media target children who use 'pester power'.
      • The family play a vital role in the continuation of capitalism because they're giving money straight back to the bourgeoisie.
    • Emotional Support for Workers
      • The family provide enough support necessary to carry on working for the bourgeoisie.
      • 'Warm Bath Theory' - women distress men after work and women provide an outlet for male frustration. (Domestic violence)


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