soiology marxisum religon and change basic notes

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  • Marxism religion and change
    • liberation theology
      • factors that led to emergence of liberation theology
        • deep rural poverty and the growth of urban slums in America
        • a growing support of the catholic church to those who were poor and being violated
        • abuse of the human rights laws
      • set out to change society
      • helped to educate and raise awness of the wrongs that were being committed against them
      • the church were official authority figures that took the side of the underdogs
      • played an important part in bring democracy to Latin American society's
    • millenarian movements
      • brings about the want to change and make things better
      • largely targets the poor
      • led to uprisings of small tribes
      • reaffirmed the ideas of heaven and the riotous being rewarded
    • Gramsci religion and hegemony
      • the ruling class uses ideals to rule over society
      • it is called ideological domination
      • use atouritys like churches to win power through supposed democracy
      • not always one hundred per cent powerful as it is left down to the perception of the people
      • can lead to challiging athuoritys


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