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  • Marxism
    • Basics
      • offending is a form of resistance against capitalism
      • Crime was a response to capitalism and its contradictions
      • Capitalist law facilitates and conceals crimes of domination and repression
      • Crime is also functional to capitalism
      • Capitalism therefore shapes society's response to both crime and law
      • Crime diverts lower class attention away from their exploitation and onto the actions of their own class.
    • VOLD
      • Criminal activity is usually participated in to benefit a particular group or individual
      • It occurs due to social and political inequalities
    • BONGER
      • an act is punished only if it benefits the dominant class
    • TURK
      • Crime occurs due to unequal distribution of power and authority in society
      • Conflict between authority and subjects can cause crime
      • There are crimes of domination, crimes of accommodation and crimes of resistance.
      • Crime in a politically organised society is constructed as a political act


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