Marxism, paper 1 review,

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  • Marxism
    • Overview
      • Conflict / Consensus debate
        • Conflict over wealth
      • General Description
        • Developed by Karl Marx. Marxism is the belief that society is in conflict over wealth, believing that in a capitalist society the ruling class (bourgeoisie) exploit the working class (proletariat) by owning the means to production in a capitalist society, living in a state of false class consciousnesses till a communist revolution takes place.
      • False class consciousnes
        • A state where the proletariat accept their exploitation from the bourgeoisie, believing the capitalism is correct
    • Families
      • Zarestky / 1976
        • Found that after urban areas had become industrialized that two spheres were created
          • Public sphere
            • The work place
          • Private sphere
            • The family unity
          • Found that after proletariat men returned from work (public sphere) they would release their frustration in the family (private sphere) allowing them to go to work the next day, continuing capitalism.
    • Education
      • Bowles and Gintis / 1976
        • Corresponden-ce principle
          • A belief that mannerism taught in school through the hidden curriculum socials children to fall into a capitalist system in the work place.
      • Paul Willis / 1977
        • Ethnographic study on working class children who called them self 'the Lads'
          • Found that they appeared competely uninteresed in school as they believed the would only ever become wokring class factory workers.


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